Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We've MOVED!

Apparently I post a lot of pictures to our blog and apparently their is a limit.  I guess I've reached it because Blogger now wants me to pay $2.50 a month so I can keep posting pictures. 
They evidently didn't get the memo that I'm cheap.
Our new address is
Feel free to pop in for a visit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Five months.

Oh Miss Millie, you are such a sweet baby girl with a smile that can light up a room and a laugh that is sweet and very contagious.  We are so fortunate to have you in our family.  We love you.  Happy 5 months big girl!
  • Rolls from back to belly and belly to back.
  • Eats 4 1/2 oz every 3 hours.
  • Size 1 diapers.
  • 3-6 month clothes
  • Also started eating rice cereal and oatmeal.  YUM-YUM!
  • Has discovered those annoying bows on top of her head and likes to pull them down and chew on them.
  • Laughs hysterically, especially at William.  (They are starting to play more with each other, which melts my heart and makes me smile.)
  • Greets us with lots of smiles and laughs when we go to get her in the morning.
  • Cries when we put her down.  She likes the royal treatment and likes to see what is going on.
  • When she rolls to her belly she tries to inch her way forward.  She'll be crawling before we know it!
  • Has a strong grasp and everything she grabs goes straight to her mouth.
  • Holds her bottle from time to time.
  • Goes to bed around 7:30pm and soothes herself to sleep.  But most times Mommy rocks her to sleep.  What?  I can't help myself sometimes.  :)
  • Takes a nap in the morning and a long one shortly after lunch.  Brother takes a nap at this time too -it's wonderful!
  • Babbles!
  • Is starting to responds to her name.
  • Likes to have books read to her.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - 2012

We started our Halloween out with a Halloween craft.  Our supplies were green and orange paint, black and green construction paper, tape, scissors, paint brush and a paper plate.  William really enjoyed painting his plate, but when it came down to painting his feet, he freaked out.  Last time we tried finger painting he did the same thing -I don't think William likes to have paint on his body.  :)

Millie was a great supervisor during the project.

Mr. Pumpkin Plate

Then we took a few pictures with our pumpkins.

Then we had some lunch with a special treat afterwards.  Some friends brought over some sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins the other night.  William really liked his cookie.  Then we watched Hocus Pocus -I love this movie and surprisingly, William really enjoyed it as well.  Then it was nap time for my little pumpkins.

Once Daddy came home we had some pizza and got ourselves ready for Tick-or-Treating.  William wasn't too keen on the whole Trick-or-Treating thing this year but towards the end he liked to knock on the doors and carry his own candy pail.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Funny William

 He. Cracks. Me. Up.

Some funny things William says.... or more like yells:
  • "Hi Mills!"
  • "Daddy go to work?"
  • "What was that?!"
  • Hmmm.... what's that?"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "PRESENTS!!"
  • "KA - CHOY!"  (Lightning McQueen)
  • "Ice-Cream!"
  • "TRACTOR!!!"
  • "Race Cars".... (even if it's a Mini Van.)
  • When we ask him if he wants to go to Disneyland he says, "Yea."  Grabs our hands and says, "Disneyland?"
  • "Pizzas."
  • "Hmmmm, lets see.  I GOT IT!"
  • "Okaaay."
  • "You can fly, you can fly, you can FLYYYYYYYYY!!!"
  • "My Hug!"  With arms held open.
  • "Mama, mama, mama........"
  • "Misckey's Mouse!"
  • "Spookyyyy..."
  • "BOO".  Then you have to say boo back, just like Mickey and Minnie on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • "Ewww..... BUG!  YUCK!"
  • "I'm sorry."  Very sincerely, even when he did absolutely nothing wrong.
  • "Mom, I okaaaay!"
  • "My hand."  When he wants to show us something or get something for him.
Funny things William does:

  • Jumps from the arm of the chair to the seat and laughs hysterically.
  • Loves to have us chase him through the house with Millie.
  • Tickle time!
  • Runs around with a bare bum after he goes potty.
  • Licks our faces and laughs.
  • Put crayons/ colored pencils in between his toes..... just like me.
  • Falls/jumps off the bed or couch into a pile of pillows.

Jenny Oaks Baker Concert

On October 20th, we went to the Jenny Oaks Baker (grand daughter of Elder Oaks) Concert.  She was accompanied by the North Las Vegas Stake Choir and Orchestra which my Mom sings in.  This concert was actually her last performance.  Jennie and I were both in this choir as well years ago, but Momma outlasted both of us by a few years.
The concert was AMAZING!!!   Check out Jenny Oaks Baker on youtube if you have never heard of her. She is an amazing violinist with quite the list of accomplishments in her life.  She played a few Disney songs which took me to another place, especially her Mary Poppins Fantasia..... mmmm...  Her Disney songs had me ready to go home and pack for Disneyland!
She also played a Christmas song for us from her new Christmas album.  AMAZING people!!!  I have got to get my hands on that CD.  I couldn't stop dancing in my seat.  So glad a few of us from our family got to go to this concert but especially to support our Mom. 
 "You did such a great job, Mom!  I love you!"

Park weather.

Autumn days/nights in Vegas are meant to be spent outside.  And if you must be inside, then the doors and widows are open.  It is so lovely to not run our AC and to sleep with the windows open.  The crisp cool air........... Awe... I just LOVE it!
In between naps and mommy's work, we try to make it to the park as much as we can or sometimes we just go for a nice walk, but those usually end at the park too.  William loves it and Millie usually gets a nice cool naps along the way.  Mom gets a nice workout too.  Pushing 42 pounds worth of munchkins plus the stroller isn't easy and better get these love handles off my waist!

Sunday, October 28, 2012